We are in the Moodd to find Free hotspots in the City!

I love everything about Brighton! I love that you can do so much but pay very little money & still enjoy EVERY single part of your day.
On saturday my family & a close friend spent our day being complete Tourists & going to all my favourite places!
It's funny isn't but when you live in a city do you find you don't tend to do the whole 'being a Tourist thing'?
It was the same when I lived in London... do you know i've NEVER been on the London Eye? Never! Totally slacking!
Come with us on our Brighton day out as we found all the best Free Hotspots in the area... Unfortunately the FREE Museum I wanted to go to was closed this weekend for refurbishment.
So I had planned our day out as :

Scoop & Crumb

Scoop & Crumb

Scoop & Crumb

  • A trip to our favourite Coffee/Ice Cream Parlour Scoop & Crumb *I know its not free but i need a good coffee to start my day* & their Ice Cream Sundaes are amazing! 
Emilyn getting Hugo's Highchair

'Look Ice Cream Sundae Mum'

Dinning with our Moodd

Mummy & Son Kisses
  • A stroll down to the Lanes I love how pretty they are all so quaint.
Walking to the Lanes

So pretty & pink!

Hugos Happy!
  • We arrive at the Royal Pavilions - although there is a charge to go inside, You can still take in all its iconic splendour by sitting & taking a walk around the Pavilions gardens, We are going to have a play in the Gardens & stop for a Picnic.


Emilyn trying out the Moodd

Peek a boo mum...

Lunch Time!!

Yummy! Picnic

we took a Picnic with us

  • We then go for a walk down The North Laines. By far my favourite part of Brighton. Its so Vibrant, the North Laines are a window shoppers delight, with niche & independent shops of all kinds. I love how unique this part of Brighton is, I end up losing a few hours just walking around taking in all the vibrant colours, stopping at antique shops & flea markets. 
Why I love The North Laines 
The North Laines Brighton Graffiti walls...

The North Laines Brighton Graffiti walls...

The North Laines Brighton Graffiti walls...

The North Laines Brighton Graffiti walls...

We went for a look around this antique shop but couldn't fit the Moodd in so Emma stayed with Hugo.

  • We Made our way down to the Sea Front & stopped off at The Artist Quarter - The once fishing arches along the front of Brighton Beach now home to the Artists Quarter, 15 Studios where local artists produce & sell their work. With differing tastes & styles each studio is well worth a look.

  • Brighton Beach  - Who doesn't like going to the BEACH? i know my little people LOVE the beach! Although Brighton Beach isn't sand, It is one of the most popular beaches in England. All year round you'll see people making the most of it. We had a paddle in the freezing cold sea by Emilyn's request. My feet felt as if they were about to fall off.  But we did have such a giggle.. making our way over to the Pier... we got stopped by some tempting Children's rides... *Tempting for a 3 year old. at £1.50 each a go. It didn't break the bank & Emilyn's smile made up for the fact I had no more pennies left in my purse.
On the train

On the train

Love Deckchairs...

I must add the Quinny Moodd was great going over the stones! I just tipped the buggy up so it was on the back two wheels & off we went over the pebbly beach!  Perfect! 

  • Brighton Pier - You can't go to Brighton without visiting the Pier! Taking in the Coastal sights. I think The Pier is one of the absolute 'MUST DO' Tourist attraction. Deckchair's on the pier are free so its a great place to sit & relax with panoramic views of Brighton's Coastline.
Emilyn Loves Telescopes

on the Pier

On the pier 

Mummy & Emilyn on the Pier

  • It's getting later & we've decided to stay in the City for Dinner. But first we wanted to go for Coffee. We decided to try out Peter Andre's New York Coffee Club house. We all grabbed a Latte & relaxed whilst the little people played in the soft toy corner. Perfect. 
  • Shopping - a bit of shopping. Brighton has a huge amount of shops. A giant shopping centre & lots of outside shops. Emilyn & Hugo chose new sunglasses after Hugo trying to wear mine all day! 
New glasses Hugo being a Dude in his Quinny Moodd

Dude in his Moodd



The little people got new glasses

  • Dinner Time Fish & Chips - In my eyes you can't go to Brighton without getting at least some Chips from a chippy. We sat in & had dinner. we got two mains & shared some chips total cost £12 for 3 adults & 2 Hungry children.
in the mood for dinner..

in the mood for laughter

in the mood for kisses

in the mood for cuddles. 

in the moodd for Dinner

Hugo trying a lemon...

Hugo pulling a 'lemon' face

Time to walk home

Time to walk home

I got told off for 'blinking!'

Good night ! we are now in a sleepy mood...

We finally got home around half past 8. We had a lovely busy day that cost under £20. But could of been fully free without our love for Coffee! 
I love a good family day out! Thank you for joining us.

As you are aware I am  a Quinny Caster for 2013 here is the blog post for there page Quinny Casters


  1. wow - that is a LOT of photos! Looks like an amazing day out thought ;) love brighton too xx

    1. isn't it! I could of added more too! :) Had such a good day out. We made forever memories yesterday Love it :) x



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