Because life's too short to be Minimalist...

In this photo I chose the Zebra Plates & the Cupcake Jar (I put biscuits in)


Beautiful zebra plates 
With all the house build pretty much finished now I can start on the Interior design! 
I like to think of myself as loving things just a bit different! 
So i'm always looking for unusual quirky websites.
When I came across I felt in my element, Everything on their website jumped out at me. 
My bank Balance could of taken a hard hit! 
But I was goos & picked out a few of my favourites.

My new biscuit jar.

The zebra plates are Very popular on the website.
 I had a little chat with Hollie from Mia Fleur to find out how they got the Website started & they told me a bit of their background...

"The site was founded by myself, Hollie, my Mum, Jacqui and my Sister, Amelia.   Jacqui is a partner in a Potato Merchants business with her husband and has been doing that for about thirty years, whilst also raising five children, gaining a degree in Textile Design and desperately trying to fulfil her creative side in her spare time. Amelia graduated last year with a degree in Textile Design and had previously spent many years in our ‘sewing room’ at home being taught by Jacqui. I graduated in 2008 with a degree in Fashion and Textile Management and have most recently been working as an Account Manager for a footwear supplier. I don’t unfortunately have quite such creative genes, but instead prefer the buying and sourcing side of things!"

What amazing background for you all. Congratulations on your degrees too!

When did you decide to start the website?

"We had been talking for many years about wanting to work together, but it wasn’t until Christmas of 2011, when Amelia’s graduation was finally in sight, that we thought we could actually make it a reality.  Having seen my Mum working in the dirty office of a potato warehouse all of my life, and knowing how incredibly talented I thought she was, it was, for both myself and Amelia, just as much about finally giving our Mum a chance to truly do something that she enjoyed, as it was for ourselves.   So we took the plunge, I gave up my full time job last year and accepted a part-time position, Amelia graduated in June and Jacqui has been desperately trying to get away from potatoes and onto the sewing machine!"

Thats put a smile on my face. amazing to put your full effort into the business.

"Amelia and Jacqui are very much the creative and design side behind the business, with Jacqui spending much of her time painting and sewing and Amelia doing all of our photography, styling and graphic design, as well as spending time designing new cushions for our range.  I deal with the PR, marketing and business side of things.  We all are very much involved with the buying and sourcing of new products and spend a lot of time travelling up and down the country to trade shows, auctions, craft fairs, design fairs, antique fairs and all manner of fairs and shows to source new products for the site!  We wanted to have a real emphasis on made in Britain with our product range and aim to showcase a selection of different British designer makers work.  We have such incredible creative talent here in the UK and it’s such a shame to lose that by importing everything."

I love that you are trying to keep everything British...
This beautiful card will be framed & put in Emilyn's room once its painted.

This beautiful Zebra soap *Free Gift*

I am really *in love* with my new Kitchen

My new toaster with my Toast it 'Toaster Coasters'

In terms of your inspirations : Hollie asked her mum to write something for this, as she does a lot of our designing and it is her passion that has inspired both her sister and Hollie to want a career in design and interiors:
"I think my passion for sewing and interiors developed from my grandmothers.  My Scottish grandmother was a fine seamstress and made all her own clothes and soft furnishings and taught me to sew during my summer holidays in Perth, Scotland.  My maternal grandmother was Italian but also lived in Perth and her home was a treasure trove of beautiful objects and textiles.  These two strong women, who both had very hard lives, inspired me, not only in their love of home and family, but to achieve a career focused on design and home and garden decoration.  Something they were unable to do for themselves but both wanted for me.  It is only now, with the girls both having graduated, that the time felt right to achieve this as a family unit.
When choosing collections for the site, I am particularly drawn to vintage style as I like my objects to have a history, whether it be as a piece by a designer maker who has put their own history into it, or as a reminiscence of the previous generations, to build layers and a story to your home.  Quirkiness adds to the charm and gives you a home like no other with your own expression of the past and present."
Thank you so much for letting me know a bit more behind the scenes of Mia Fluer, I can't wait to order more from your new Stock.

I look forward to ordering from Mia Fleur again... Even the packaging was beautiful.

how beautiful is the packaging


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