Mind over Matter?? Hugo's Feet 16 Months on...

Mind over matter? I just can't seem to do this right now... Hugo is 16 & half months old. 
I did last week do a post about Hugo standing unaided but since then he hasn't even tried it. 
Its really like we take one step forwards & then two steps back. 
Well today Hugo took a very unsteady step, Brilliant I hear you cry. 
But its sent me into panic.
So much so I almost rang his consultant... His leg turned almost all the way round. In a blink of an eye. 
He has no balance at all. 
I feel so empty... I know he is only 16 months old. I know I know the average walking age is 9months - 18 months... well we are rapidly getting further & further into the later stages. 
I'm thinking so out the box...
 'what if he never walks?'
'What if he struggles to get balance?'
'What if he can walk but he looks as if he has a fake leg?'
Now there is Nothing wrong with prosthetic leg but Hugo hasn't got one so i wouldn't want him to look as though he has one. 
As he walks now with a walker... he swings his leg out.
I wish I knew what the future will hold!!
I would HATE him to be bullied for how he walks...
We are off to Miami, America next month & I stupidly had in my head that Hugo would be walking, running around...
Well he will be almost 18 months so why wouldn't he of been, in normal circumstances...
& the most stupid of questions...
Oh gosh now I have tears rolling down my face... It does get easier being a mummy of a Talipes baby. Really it does... I'm the Happy Feet Talipes Admin I started the group.
I'm just having a bad day... 

On a positive note... Hugo is a complete dare devil & learnt how to climb on to the chairs to then climb on to the table today.! I'm sure i'm raising a monkey ! 

Hugo & I went on a long walk earlier today. * This doesn't help my *Over thinking* brain time. 
It was a beautiful outside green trees blue sky & Quiet!
Hugo has babbling away the whole walk. No chance of him napping...

I think it makes it worse that we see his Physio every 3 months which feels like a lifetime it really does.
I want to know answers... :(


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