My Happy Feet Boy & His Little Grey Monster


Hugo is just over 16 months & today we have had major developmental progress. He has been standing unaided; albeit for just a few seconds... but its amazing for me to see... you can take a look here - Hugo standing He has taken 4 steps in the past i'm so glad i blogged about it as it feels like a dream, he's never done it again. It seriously feels like i just made it up.
But my Mum & Gran saw him walk so I know he done it!
Hugos feet have been over corrected for about 5*ish months now as hes only 16 months old... thats quite a long time.
He is still wearing his BnB *(Boots & Bar) to bed 6pm - 6am & Can i have a quick rave about this Bar Bumper I recently had made - a little grey Monster eeek isn't it cute! The Lovely lady is called 'Bar Bumpers' she's on Facebook & Twitter.
I most definitely recommend her work **If you have a baby with Talipes & your going into the BnB stage You must order one! It totally stops the bruising on legs too.
Look at that packaging.

I won this adorable little bar bumper key ring from the 'winning Wednesday' she does.

Proudly on my key chain.


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