Talipes Baby Best Buggy?

The best buggy for a Talipes Baby?  Quinny? Bugaboo Bas Kosters? Or Bugaboo Bee Plus?

What Buggy would you chose?

Quinny Moodd, Bugaboo Bas Kosters, Buagboo Bee plus all black Missoni, 

When I found out I was having a baby with Bilateral Talipes... I was obviously spinning questions after questions around in my head.
My main question was what Buggy will my baby be able to go in nicely!?
Here we have my 3 out of 4 buggies -

  • A Quinny Moodd
  • A Bugaboo Cameleon 
  • A Bugaboo Bee Plus

I tried Hugo out in all of them with his Boots & bar on... Bare in mind Hugo is 16 months old & out of the Full Time BnB; he very rarely goes in his Pushchair with his bnb on now. 
But when we are on holiday he will be in his bnb much more as we will be out in the evenings, 
So its good to know what buggy suits his bnb best.
We tried him in the Quinny Moodd first RRP is £600 from Mothercare
Quinny Moodd
The footrest was fab - the bar rests on it nicely, Hugo didn't look uncomfortable in it either.
Quinny Moodd
The front bar unclips *Its on elastic to stop it falling on the floor. its good for putting baby in & out. You can remove it fully & take the elastic off... you may need to do this with your baby if wearing boots & bar as you may get stuck!
Boots & Bar seem to manage to get stuck on everything... 
Quinny Moodd
Quinny Moodd 

Quinny Moodd,

We next tried Hugo in the Bugaboo Remember this is not the Bugaboo Cameleon V3  Basic Bugaboo RRP £799 This is the Bugaboo by Bas RRP £2000+
The bar Removes really quickly with two little buttons from either side..

Clipping the bar back in... Bugaboo Bas Kosters 

Hugo in his Bugaboo By Bas Koster

The footrest on the Bugaboo looks good. its a good width & no gaps. the BnB rests nicely...

Bugaboo Bas Kosters

Last but definitely not least we tried the Bugaboo Bee Plus This is a All Black Missoni Special limited edition RRP for a basic Bee Plus is £479... RRP for the all black is £529
Bugaboo Bee Plus
He doesn't have a foot rest on this one. no support for his BnB at all. But he looks happy enough in it. 
what i have noticed with him facing forwards is that he hits his legs accidentally on the front bits. He has hurt himself 3 or so times on it now.
Bugaboo Bee plus

 I think Hugo would chose the Bugaboo Cameleon & Quinny Moodd are the Best Buggy for his BnB ...
Hugo choses the bugaboo Cameleon...

Oh & he has just informed me that the Quinny Moodd was JUST as comfortable so they both win best Talipes Buggies.

Aswell as seeing what Buggy is Best for a Talipes baby... I have been keeping a secret...
Do you remember my blog post - The Bugaboo Brigade? I was blabbering on about The ANDY WARHOL Hood...
We have a new addition in our family.
Yep, I think you just may of guessed. Its the Andy Warhol Special Edition Cars HOOD! I got the last one from John Lewis but the flowers is still in Stock.

Andy Warhol Bugaboo Bee Plus hood

You know I have A buggy obsession I can't help it... If you can't understand perhaps read...

This is the Bugaboo's with their Footmuff's on too. Hugo Can fit in the new bugaboo-high-performance-footmuff quite well with his BnB on & its a tight fir but he can fit in the bugaboo-universal-footmuff

Bugaboo Universal footmuff VS the Bugaboo High performance Footmuff 

Bugaboo HP Foot muff 

Bugaboo Bee plus HP Foot muff 

Please Note *Declaration I was NOT Given The Andy Warhol Hood By Bugaboo I bought it with my Hard Earned Saved Up Money. The High Performance FootMuff I WON from Bugaboo in 2012.
I am a Quinny Caster so I have been given the Moodd from Quinny to Test for 2013. All Views & Opinions are my own. 


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