Who wants a snoop around my new Home?

New curtains up...
Ok so we aren't totally living here yet... but we pretty much are. Emilyn's mattress is being a pickle & the delivery time keeps extending! Mic will try & get one today hopefully. That will mean our first night sleeping here will be the weekend ! exciting!!
I can't get over just how much I love our new house. (Bungalow) Good job really the amount of money we have invested into it.

I'm sat in my new kitchen having a coffee, eating Lunch with my little people next to me; them having their lunch...(long pause)
*Sorry i heard a car outside so ran to see if it was a delivery guy (The amount of deliveries we are waiting for is crazy) but it was the gardener... ooo very Desperate Housewife of me. *My Mothers Gardener*

I'm obviously really happy with my Kitchen & don't plan on doing too many changes. *I hope not too anyways. I obviously added my chairs. I think they really compliment the kitchen.
The little peoples bedroom is really coming together. I could happily live in it. I am very proud of how its come together *I also put up one of the plates on the bedroom wall all by myself. *Happy Face*
I just need to find some unusual shelving & toy storage *No IKEA though ... Not that I have ANYTHING against IKEA... My old house was full to the brim of it. & I know my house is a Flat pack house.... but i don't want Flat Pack Furniture. it just doesn't last. IKEA is also in Croydon & I just don't fancy getting stuck in all the traffic.... YAWN>
Finished bedroom - Minus mattress 
These little crocheted Ice Creams were made by the VERY Talented Clare From Little Conkers She has a Etsy shop.

Our Lounge - i've got SO MANY ideas for this space...totally a Work in progress.
The men did manage to hang my deer head up. *I love it.
My Bedroom. you just wait.... I've got everything in my head... eagerly awaiting till I have everything to make it look lovely!

I don't need to do a great deal to the bathroom. *Toilet roll holder ect ...

I am literally the happiest ever with my new Flat Pack House. I love that we are just a stones throw from Mum & Dads house. 
I can bring my Molly & Beth (My dogs) Over to visit me whenever i want... *When they aren't muddy! 
I just feel incredibly lucky. I know the babies, Mic & I are going to be very happy here for many many years to come. 
I'll be sure to keep you up to date with the rooms too. 


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