1 month in - Our Flat Pack Home Journey

'Cause we've been busy creating the Memories we will never forget...
So simply Time is flying...
Can you Believe we've been living here a whole month? No? Nor can I?!
We started our Flat Pack home Journey in January & I've tried my best to keep you up to date with everything thats been going on.. In the current climate it's becoming increasingly harder for young families to get on the property ladder. So why not build your very own small house/bungalow/lodge on your own land?
It's a no brainer in my eyes & life couldn't be better.
I'll take you around the lodge quickly... The week we moved in I posted on my Blog Who wants to snoop around my new home? It seemed Very Popular with over 1000 hits... you nosey nosey people ! I love to have a good nose around other peoples houses too. Obviously with their permission... anyways lets get back to my lodge...

Here we have the Bathroom. The Bathroom is a good size we have a full sized large bath (The children call it a swimming pool) We have the shower over the top great shower very powerful.
There is plenty of floor space in here room for changing Hugo's nappy with space around me too.
The boiler is also in a cupboard to the right of the bath...

From the Bathroom opposite is the front door. (Sorry I forgot to picture it) Its an attractive white wooden door with a small window in.... we then have coat hanger & shoe storage. Next to the Bathroom as you come into the Lodge to the right you have the Master Bedroom, I've still not fully finished it but it is very comfortable. Just not fully up to my satisfaction just yet.

Around the Lodge I have been adding small touches myself quirky little things. The sign was a moving in present from one of my Besties.
Opposite my Bedroom is the Kitchen/Lounge Open plan, Open plan was my choice. I live in my Kitchen where as the children play in the lounge so simply it was the best choice to remove the wall for us as a family...to enjoy the open plan layout.

From the Kitchen you have the lounge... The children are loving this space I am still looking for a good storage for the toys though I find the ikea stuff a bit umm lacking in character...
Because ...Pictures speak louder than words
Hugo chillin'

This picture says 10000 words 
Because... Pictures say more than words...

Aww they do love each other ...

I love the ceilings with the roof windows 
Then following from the lounge we have Emilyn & Hugo's bedroom. My pride & joy. I love it honestly I could move in...They are very happy sharing at the moment, Hugo in his cot & Emilyn at the top of her bunk bed. There will be discussion to extend in a few years. Till then they are very happy sharing. They love it in fact. 
I do however need to use a baby monitor every night as our bedrooms are opposite ends of the lodge But this again suits us well. It was my design after all...
Last but definitely not least the outside we have a lovely decking area & the children love playing out here just need to buy a gate & it'll be fab!

Should I tell you all just what I think of the Lodge? after living in it for just over a month & with the English weather being so disgruntled. Sunny half a day raining & freezing the other half of the day...
I would like to Thank Homelodge For all their hard work & building us our dream lodge.
I just know we will have many happy years here!! 
After living here for a month we've not needed a radiator on or been too hot. With this english weather its very surprising how good the temperature is in here. 
We now have WIFI too so i'm a happy Mummy. 
I haven't a bad word to say about the whole lodge... not a single bad word. 
We had a rough few first nights sleep here, we are so much closer to the road than we have ever been, that was a bit of a shock for both of us. Our little country road isn't as quiet as you may think specially at night time. But thats all & certainly has nothing to do with the lodge. 
We've settled in SO well. I love it & if I could talk about it all the time I probably would. 

We're jetting off to America this week & I just know I will miss our new home for the fortnight that we are away. 
Looking a their dollars for america


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    1. Thank you: I'm so impressed with our lodge, Always willing to spread the word. :)

  2. Looks fantastic! Can I be very nosey & ask where you bought those lovely chevron towels from?!
    Thank you :-)

    1. Thank you, towels were just from H&M :) xx

    2. Oh thank you,I've been looking for towels like this for our new house :-) x



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