End Bounty reps' access to new mothers on NHS wards

Whilst browsing Twitter this morning & enjoying my cup of coffee. 
I came across an interesting read: @MumsnetTowers have set up a campaign to end Bounty reps' access to maternity wards.
They are asking for support, There survey has revealed that 8 out 10 (82%) of Mumnetters who responded say it is UNACCEPTABLE for NHS hospitals to allow commercial companies to interact directly with patients on wards.
Now my views on this have changed from having my daughter 4 years ago to having my son back in 2012.
I had no idea about the Bounty people & them wanting to take photos when i had Emilyn in 2009, I was however quite taken back when a lady peered in to my cubical whilst I was trying to breastfeed my daughter, specially after 20+ hours of labour. 
*not the Bounty photo* Emilyn a few hours old

But she was a lovely lady & asked if i would like a photo of Emilyn & said she will come back when i'm not busy.
She actually got a really lovely photo of Emilyn & it was perfect for Family for Christmas presents. She really put a lot of effort in to get the best photo she could.
My experience with Hugo & Bounty was a total different thing. I had a shorter labour with him but I still hadn't slept all night.
The fact that he was born with Bilateral Talipes meant I was feeling a lot more sensitive & my hormones raging more than perhaps if Hugo was born without his 'abnormalities' 
This particular Bounty rep in my eyes had absolutely no people skills. She appeared JUST as my daughter was meeting her new baby brother for the first time. Honestly she couldn't of picked a worse moment for it.
This was a family moment I will never be able to repeat. I thought how dare she ruin this for me? 
I explained that I didn't really want a photo of Hugo & that we had our own good camera & will just take our own. But she pressured us into having a few photos, The whole 'well I can take a few pictures then you can view them online & see what you think' speech.
They honestly were totally awful. I'm glad I hadn't paid there & then for them. 
She just put me on edge a bit. I had mentioned Hugo was born with Talipes & she said 'oh don't worry I won't get any with his feet in' I HAD NOT asked her not to photograph his feet. 
I wasn't ashamed of his feet! That annoyed me. 
To be honest That experience of the Bounty Rep really put a sour taste in my mouth. We were in hospital just under 23hours with Labour giving birth & after care… & the Bounty Rep was a big part of my memory. That honestly I wish I didn't have.

The Survey that Mumsnet done asked over 1,000 new mums that gave birth after May 2012 Reveals that - 

  • Over half (56%) of new mothers felt a Bounty Rep invaded their privacy - YES TOTALLY on both accounts. - 2009 & 2012
  • 60%were not specifically told their personal details would be passed on to other companies.
  • 82% don't think hospitals should allow sales reps access to wards at all! 

In my eyes & in a lot of other parents eyes I really do think Bounty Reps should be banned in Hospitals. 
If we want Newborn baby pictures of our little ones surely we would make that choice & book them to have them done?

Please read their Campaign to end Bounty reps' access to maternity wards HERE

Please sign the petition https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/health-minister-dr-dan-poulter-mp-put-an-end-to-commercial-parenting-club-reps-in-maternity-units-2


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