My 10 top tips for traveling abroad with a baby or two in tow...

Have I mentioned yet that we are jetting off to the States in a matter of DAYS!...
This will be our longest flight yet with both babies. We went to Spain last November & that was easy with two they were perfect on the plane & the air hostess' even welcomed us to fly with them again as they had been SO good. that was a 2 hour flight... This will be a 9-10 hour flight. Even saying it actually fills me with dread!... but i'm sure it will be fine.
at least if I listen to what i'm about to type it may make things a little better... surely?
This will be our 3rd time on an aeroplane with the little people with Tunisia being our longest flight yet, well until next week.
I don't know about you but even the whole packing & getting to the airport stresses me.
& Don't even get me started on just HOW MUCH a baby needs...

A- Buggy
B- carseat/car seats! If two or more well it becomes HARDWORK!
C- Travel cot? It saved me £30 for a week but wow was it an extra STRESS
D- Trunki. - & to mention Trunki I am seriously thinking about buying the Trunki booster backpack? if it saves taking a car seat for Emilyn i'm in!

Travel LIGHT???

Ok to here are my 10 top tips for Traveling with a baby or two in tow!

1 - Book flights outside of the 'witching hour' - Remember with young babies the later the hour, the more fussy & over tired they become. Try to book a morning flight so baby is well rested. *Our flight to Miami is in the morning *YAY! But our return flight is OVER NIGHT - Wish me LUCK!

2 - Buy a Trunki - For a Toddler this is GREAT! It may slow you down a little bit with your 3 year old insisting on 'driving' their toy on wheels around, but if your flight is delayed its a perfect toy to play with. Also it gets your little person to feel involved when packing. I'll mention the Trunki backpack & booster again this will come in VERY handy!

3 - Try to reserve a window seat - This is great if you are nursing a baby, give you a little extra privacy, also the window is a perfect diversion if your toddler starts to get fidgety "ooo look out the window Z can you see the clouds?" Emilyn LOVES to sit by the window. I'm sure i'll have Hugo & Emilyn fighting over the window seat.

4 - Pack enough goodies for the plane - I tend to bring my usual changing bag plus more... extra nappies, a couple of change of clothes, You can count on it if your stuck on a 10 hour flight The babies nappy will no doubt explode & a change of clothes WILL be needed, some sweets, lollipops for flight take off & take down, snacks.

5 - Bring TOYS - I will be bringing my little peoples favourite toys- their toy cars. a handful for them to share. I may even bring some crayons & paper. There is only so many sweets you can keep them amused with. We are flying with Virgin so i know we will be well looked after & they'll have plenty of films to watch but better be on the safe side.

6 - Bring their security toys/blankets - The last thing you want to do is pack their security toys in the main suitcase - with my Children they Both have security blankets & Emilyn has a toy cow. If I had left them in our main luggage, They would literally scream 10 hours straight!

7 - Bring a travel companion - If possible bring your Husband, partner, Mother, friend, - You'll need that extra help. I definitely couldn't travel without Mic. When we went to Spain; there was a Mother on her own with her 2 year old son; although she was a very capable mother I really wished I could of helped her. she had to try to get from the airport with two suitcases, a buggy & hand luggage & a sleepy 2 year old. It's almost near impossible. I actually did get Mic to offer her some help. But she politely declined. I think traveling on your own with children must be so stressful. Those are the days gone when I used to fly as a singleton back & forth from Spain to England, With a book in Peace!

8 - Remember Babies CRY! - Try to forget your on a plane when your baby starts to cry. It's easier said than done I know... When flying back from Tunisia with Emilyn I was so stressed as well as exhausted, When she got over tired & didn't want to sleep the crying started & all I could do was think about everyone else & I really shouldn't of done, If I had stayed calm she would of probably calmed down & gone to sleep but hey ho, I got so stressed I almost joined her with the almighty tantrum she was having! Remember sometimes your baby just needs a GOOD CRY & despite your best efforts they'll cry anyway.

9 - Book your own Transport - I am definitely someone who likes to explore on Holidays, we 9 times out of 10 hire a car on Holiday, The journey from airport to Hotel/Villa/Apartment is SO much more relaxing *Apart from if you get lost *of course, The heat of the Coach transfer & the Price of a taxi. I can't think of a better way than hiring a car. We've hired a Mustang in Miami but a people carrier to get us from the airport to Hotel *Savvy thinking ahead I think!

10 - RELAX - You're on HOLIDAY after all. But i well & truly understand there is NO FUN in having hot coffee spilt all over your lap. Or Champagne being wasted on the floor. You can always sleep & leave your darling Husband to it. ;)


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