Speech Therapy

So today was Emilyn's first Speech therapy class 1 of 4 in total;
As I didn't want to frighten her I didn't tell her what we were doing & made it into a 'day out with Mummy' 
We started the day with a trip to Costa; Emilyn loves a baby chino. 
Our class wasn't until 11am, as I had no idea where in the hospital it was I left us plenty of time to get there. 
 The parking was ridicules at the hospital people queuing in the road so I decided to park a few roads down. Typically the weather thought it would be a good idea to let the heavens open & Emilyn & I got very wet! I had packed our rain macs good planning ahead on my behalf.
Back to Emilyns speech! - after talking to her Teachers a few weeks ago we both had thought Emilyn's speech had improved.
The class today had 2 other children in both i think must of been a bit older than Emilyn & in my eyes both spoke rather well.
Emilyn on the other hand - it suddenly hit home just how bad her speech is.
They were playing a game with a puppet & saying words this is really when I started welling up. Emilyn picked a fish. She calls them 'Shish' The puppet said the word Fish wrong like Emilyn & said 'Shish' Emilyn was meant to say the puppet was saying it incorrectly instead she got very confused & thought the puppet saying 'shish' was correct. It hit home hard with me. I really had to fight back the tears.
The same happened with the word 'van' Emilyn calls a 'Van' a 'Ban' & she had an argument with the puppet saying she was saying it right that a Van is called a 'Ban'

It's not the fact that Emilyn is saying the words wrong that made me cry; but the fact she gets so upset & stressed about it too that made me sad.
She's an intelligent little girl with SO much potential. As she is my eldest I myself have never experienced anything like speech therapy. Nor seeing Emilyn in an environment where people can see just how poor her speech is.
Unfortunately we can't attend the next class as we will be on holiday- have I mentioned our trip to America before? We are off on the 19th June so expect lots of Blog updates I've got some exciting things coming up!
We will be back at speech therapy beginning of July.
Until then we have been given lots of games to do with Emilyn.
I really hope we start to see some kind of improvement soon.


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