The perfect Fathers Day with John Lewis Why is MY Dad So Great.

His fathers day card my his Grandchildren

John Lewis recently got in contact with me wanting to let me know all about their fabulous competition, All you need to do is explain why your dad is so great! Thats all.
So are you interested in entering the John Lewis Father’s Day blogging competition to be in the chance of winning a very special Father’s day gift in the shape of an Osiris Chrono watch?

I know my Dad would love them!

So why is My Dad so great? 
Of course he's My dad! so I will always Love him. 
He's a complete Hero in my eyes who can't do no wrong.
My Dad is Self Employed he has worked everyday for as long as I can remember. 
He's always tried to make Sundays a family day though even if he still works in the afternoon or evening. 
He even works on Christmas Day.
He's a Lorry Driver for a well known Garden Furniture company & in his spare time He repairs damaged Cars. Hence the 25-30 cars Yes CARS 25-30 of them in OUR DRIVE! I kid you not! 
The plus side is that my Husband & I are never without a car. The down side to having SO many cars is sometimes we can't get into the drive.  
He really helped me get through some challenging money difficulties in my younger teenage years. Crashing a brand New Courtesy CAR wasn't my best move ; I admit & having to Pay out £400 + excess just before I was off on Holiday wasn't the best start But My Dad sorted it out for me. 
I'm ever so thankful for that. 

My Dad & I have a solid Father Daughter relationship we are very similar & he makes me laugh the most out of anyone in the world. 
He is probably the nicest most genuine man i've ever known.

I was a big TomBoy whilst growing up & I had such admiration for my Dad I wanted to be just like him. I'd get my old ripped painted jeans on & go help him in his workshop. 
I miss those days & look back on them fondly.

If i'm having a bad day or just bored Dad is the main person i'll call for a chat (he has hands free in his Lorry) don't panic. 

He loves My Mum & my parents are very happy together after 25+ years married.

This is just a snippet to why My Dad is so great. 


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