There is a baby in the house Task 7 -

Since having Babies I’ve always struggled to ‘baby proof’ things Isn’t it crazy how a baby/toddler will ALWAYS go for the things they aren’t allowed to have?
The wires, the Remotes, mobile phones, plants, hot cooker, you name it! My babies have tried to get to them.
Earlier this year we had our approval to build our own home. For us this is an amazing achievement.
With the babies in mind I tried to design the whole house around them. To plugs in the right places & buying furniture that is baby proof ‘ish.
My pride & joy in their Room & my Big D.I.Y project was their Alphabet wall!
I sourced all the alphabet letters & made some myself. Then the task of painting the wall GREY Yes Grey it was scary but the finished product is amazing; even if i do say so myself!

Blog post to Alphabet Wall is HERE

The letters are stuck on with Very strong Velcro with just a handful being screwed in due to their heaviness this mean we can move the letters around if we wish to.
I have a good D.I.Y trait in me & our new furniture about 60% of it has been up-cycled from the chest of drawers to the Kitchen stools.
I have ‘Before & After blog posts’ over on my
I love the ‘Home made’ look before I had children I could of quite easily of been an Minimalist, now the thought of that fills me with dread i couldn’t think of anything worse.
Later this afternoon Emilyn & Hugo will be making a Den in their bedroom so watch this space.
My little people have a huge imagination & we spend hours playing ‘dens’ ‘shops’ ‘rescue services’
Emilyn had her first play date with a little girl from school. They wanted to play dens & as it was such a lovely day i got all the bed sheets out, they had a ball.

My lounge looked like a sight from Toys'r'us but they didn't spend much time playing in there...

Outside was too much fun! 


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