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So TODAY is WORLD CLUBFOOT DAY! 3rd June has become World Club foot day in remembrance of Dr Ponseti himself..Today is his Birthday
Who is Dr Ponseti.. I hear you ask.? Take a look HERE
& why is Doctor Ponseti  SO Special?
BECAUSE whilst he was alive he himself helped babies & Children just like Hugo to WALK 
Without this man Hugo would still have curled up feet. 
He would possible be having operation after operation; to fix his special feet.
Here are a few photo's that I just found on my old laptop Hugo is 4 days old here & i was panicking that I Hadn't taken enough photo's of his special feet: well I still feel like I didn't take enough; & I oddly miss them like crazy.
When he was 5 days old he had both feet/legs put into plaster. *Ponseti method

My Talipes baby

Hugo & Emilyn

Emilyn kissing her new baby brother.

Hugo's feet *Talipes 4 days old

He wasn't very happy with me that night. i'm blaming the clashing of Giraffe print & Teddy bear vest.

Hugo's clubfeet / Talipes Close up 4 days old

Here is Hugo now at 16 & half months old. He has JUST started to walk on his own 5- 7 steps but its fantastic progress for him. Our treatment has been as textbook as some Talipes babies. Hugo also is Hyper-mobile in his right foot/leg/hip this for us has caused his feet to 'over correct' it's really NOT a common problem. We are in the process of sorting them out.
Most of us Mums & Dads with Talipes babies have been put in touch with STEPS - 
STEPS are a small national charity supporting children and adults affected by a lower limb condition such as clubfoot or a hip condition. Their website is a great source of information but if you would like to talk to someone please call their helpline on 01925 750271 or email
Without Dr Ponseti Hugo wouldn't be doing this....
To help STEPS more over on my HAPPY FEET TALIPES support group We've all rallied round *Mostly Taz from BAR BUMPERS has amazingly arranged for 8 different areas in the country (UK) to walk to raise money for STEPS - In london we are doing an 8km walk 11:00am start, at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. This walk starts at the hospital and goes around Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and then returns back to the hospital.  Anyone can join us and will be great to have a walk and a chat with other parents
If you would like to Donate click here
Or you can text donate - 
Any money donated will help the STEPS charity :)
 So all i can say now is Happy Birthday Dr Ponseti without you our life would be a lot different I can assure you. 
Thank You.

Here are Hugo's feet today :
Here are Hugo's Feet 16 months on. Taken today on the 3rd June.
& Again Hugo's near perfect feet. 

Hugo jumping on the trampoline :) 

the official *World Clubfoot Day*

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