3 of my favourite Brands Can you guess?

Quinny TASK 10

3 of my Favourite Brands.
I did have to sit down & think for a moment though. I had to think what Brands am I best known for? & of course I'm sure everyone who knows me well will agree....
They are all quite BIG BRANDs. I do Love designer stuff. However I love cute independent boutiques too.

UGG - Boots. I have quite a collection. So do Hugo & Emilyn... Unbelievable this isn't all the UUG's we own... Theres a pink pair of Emilyn's, another short pair of mine & Mic has some UGG shoes.

I spent years wearing cheap boots in the winter but my feet never stayed warm & my boots ALWAYS fell apart within weeks/months. I know Ugg's can be expensive but I am a savvy shopper... I recently had a holiday in America & got a pair of UGGS for $50. They were in the clearance section.

Ralph Lauren - I'm sorry to say I have a huge love for Ralph Lauren, My Husband, Emilyn & Hugo pretty much live in it. I'm not one of those Mum's that wont let their children get dirty, quite the opposite we live surrounded by woods & fields, My children get muddy. their clothes get dirty. They can stain. I deal with it. Again I'm a savvy shopper. I trawl through large discount stores, I go to outlets, their designer clothes can be cheaper than stuff from the high street. You just need to know where to go. - I'm sure I should be a personal Shopper ...

Like the top Hugo has on here was £4! perfect for garden play.

Shall I talk Coffee?
My third & final favourite is Costa/Starbucks/Cafe Nero.
I must admit after Starbuck's tax scandal I have stayed clear... It helps all my local ones closed down. So I am now a Costa or Cafe Nero do good Latte's.
I'm a sucker for good coffee. But Starbucks was all we could find recently at Heathrow airport & as they done soya baby chinos for FREE we decided to get a whole family of Starbucks... My whole family are big coffee shop drinkers. Each Christmas Eve we all go to a coffee shop & have a Christmas coffee together, it's one of our traditions.


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