A Clingy baby

Does this site look familiar ? 
Carrying Hugo around on my hips seems to be the 'done thing' at the moment ! Its a back breaker... he weighs almost 2 stone!... I won't disclose my weight but lets just say i'm not very big. I think i'm classed as petite even.
But this is what happens when I put him down on the floor... say I need to put the washing out... go get dressed... trying to clean up the lounge. My days have turned from chilled to chaos.
Hugo is Teething so no doubt that isn't helping. & as I'm a terrible mother I left him with his Aunty yesterday. Bare in mind his Aunty lives less than a 5 minute walk away & is a huge part of his life, I wouldn't say its damaging for him. But of course I have only left him a handful of times in his little life. so perhaps he's worried I will leave him for a few hours again. I don't know. All I know is that this is hard work. He needs his MUMMY all the time. Daddy doesn't have children climbing up his legs. I literally have Hugo climbing up my legs ... look at that sad face. I don't want him to be sad. I also can't I physically can't carry him all day. I have a bad back as it is.

Perhaps It's Karma. Apparently as a baby I was always wanting my Mother to carry me round... I am the reason why my own Mother has horrendous back problems now. They do say History repeats itself.
Alas I pick him up & the crying stops. Or should I say 'crocodile tears' A Happy Hugo again. Well until I put him back down on to the floor.

Can you relate? 


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