A Holiday in the life of a Trunki

Trixie the Trunki to be particular & I suppose it's not really a 'day' either more like a 'Holi'Day for Trixie...

The Day before HOLIDAY 18th June : "something is happening... The babies are happy & their Mummy is in a crazy stressing mood, I can almost see a suitcase. I think its a suitcase, well I do hope i'm coming too. I wonder where we are off to!
They've been screaming about losing one of the 'smalls' passports? That MUST mean it's HOLIDAY TIME!"
I'll just wait up here...
Is that a chair I Hear?
I can hear Emilyn Small asking for me... "Trixie where are you?...Mummy can you get Trixie down for me.."
The 'Smalls' mummy doesn't sound very happy... they've been searching for 'Baby Smalls' passport all day... I do hope they find it soon. 

Oh Oh Oh I hear screaming... Happy Screaming! They FOUND the passport! Happy Happy. The house erm looks a mess a tip a bomb sight even. But at least they aren't leaving Baby Small here. 
I don't think they would of gone to this Holiday place they are talking about?
America? do you know it? I've never been?... I Have been to Spain, Tunsia, Norfolk, & in the car a lots of times. 

YAY Happy Trixie I am... I love packing time. It makes my tummy go all warm & fuzzy. The Smalls are super excited!


Heathrow Airport
I love when the Small rides on my back. So many people smile at us. We must be very beautiful, Emilyn Small keeps talking to me. Asking if I'm having a good time? WHATTT!? Of course I am.
SO MUCH FUN with Trixie
We are all on the aeroplane now : Baby Small enjoying the in plane entertainment.
HOLIDAY : I was left in the Hotel room ALL the time, I didn't get too sad though, I think I may of just melted in the heat, Miami was melting weather. but our room has lovely Air Con. I needed it.

This was Small's Mummy's Birthday They spent it at the Miami Zoo.
HOLIDAY COMES TO AN END : With almost a "blink" of an eye the holiday was coming to an end. It was time to pack again. I'm hoping at the airport I may 'bump' into another Trunki...I've been seeing Terrance being pulled around... I do hope I can see him soon so I can introduce myself..
Perhaps Baby Small can get a Terrance or the new Lotus for our next holiday? 

I Had the pleasure of carrying Woody, Buzz, Jessie & Lotso bear. they didn't half wriggle A LOT! 

All Packed up & ready for the Flight home tomorrow...
I can't believe the holiday went SO quick. Waiting for the Valet service to come with our car.

AIRPORT Time: Miami International Emilyn Small is a Cutie.

She really has a one of a kind love for me.

I can't wait to get back on to the aeroplane!

Hey It was sunny back in the UK. We had a fabulous holiday. Thank you for joining us.

Take a look at Emilyn & Trixie in action HERE

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Then we had a week of Jet Lagged Smalls

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