Bird Mobile - Upcycle a coat hanger :

Whilst looking through this months 'Pretty Nostalgic' if you haven't heard of it I tell you now it's amazing it's £8 - £8 of loveliness!! 

Well I came to 
'Ways to Upcycle...' (Fabulous for me) 
A Coat Hanger - yes a metal coat hanger! So here's my attempt at it 

You will need - 
• card
• wire coat hanger 
• glue - I used PVA 
• hole punch
• newspaper (sports edition) hehe 
• paper scissors (well metal scissors but ones that cut paper)
• pencil or pen
• pliers - yes you really do need pliers I tried to use my metal paper scissors I didn't work 
• thread, string, I used wool 

Instructions - 

1- draw a simple bird shape & cut it out 5 times 
2- draw a petal shape on newspaper & cut out 5 pairs of newspaper wings
3- use a hole punch to create an eye on each bird
4- cut 6 20cm lengths of thread, glue wings & thread down on each side of bird. 
5- cut a piece of wire from hanger 25cm long & cut another piece 35cm long
6- assemble the mobile by tying the bird with thread to each end & one to the middle
7- attach the wires together & hang! 


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