Broody Who??

Definitely not me : gone are the days of feeling broody... So why do people constantly feel the need to ask me the question "so when will you be having another ?" 
I'm tired of the explaining : 
Various reasons 
1: Hugo was born with Bilateral Talipes there is a strong chance this is genetics so point blankly I don't think I am strong enough to go through another 5 years of treatment. Especially as we aren't even two years into Hugos treatment. 

2: I physically don't think my body could handle carrying another 8lb + baby my SPD was horrendous I could barely walk with both my pregnancies I was having issues as early as 12weeks pregnant with Hugo - I still now have a bad pelvis simple things like playing football can aggravate it. 

3: I think my body would break, don't get me wrong I love being pregnant: I love having a Bump... I love feeling baby moving around. Safe to say I don't miss heartburn one bit!

4: I've got my girl & I've got my boy : I feel incredibly lucky to have one of each. Totally the best of both worlds for us..

5: This is a selfish one - I don't want to ruin my body anymore than it has been already my bumps get big & whilst I seem to be extremely lucky to get my figure back reasonable quickly... I have doubt in my mind that having a 3 rd I may not be so lucky & I'm no gym bunny. I'm happy & contented with my post baby figure I'll leave it at that . 

6: I would struggle to name another baby... Honestly I'm far too picky for names... Totally not in the same league as that 'Katie Hopkins' lady though...

7: The money - I can't afford to have anymore I want to give my babies the best in life I want to be able to help them through university if they chose to go, I want to help them buy a car / house ect ect... 

8: I am very happy with my perfect family of four. 

9: I'm just not broody... Straight after having Emilyn it was Bam I'm broody again; if I'm honest I think broodyness is a awful feeling. Like a tugging at your heart. A itch you just can't itch. I don't miss being broody at all. 

10: I'm happy enough to cuddle my friends & family members babies then hand them back so I can get a full nights sleep ... 


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