Charity Shop finds - Upcycling photo frames

It's quite funny really when I was a child / teenager I would stand outside waiting for my mum whilst she dug for treasures in the local charity shop...
Cringing at the thought of going through other people's stuff... 
Not knowing what real life was really about. 
I've changed a lot since then. My whole mind had changed. 
I discovered a gem in my local Charity Shop the beautiful things in there I was amazed; just like an Alladins Cave! 
I've fallen Inlove with this vintage Paddington Bear & old Mclaren buggy!  
As I'm still needing to buy things for our newly built house I couldn't justify the almost £50 price tag the beautiful bear came with... Maybe another day !
Emilyn obviously doesn't share my new love & enthusiasm for the charity shops after she picked her £1 mirror she then went outside with her Aunty & waited... Knocking on the window for my attention every now & then...

This charity shop specialises in vintage things from clothes to games to sports gear... I love old children's games ! This is a vintage printing set !
Now I'm not too sure WHAT this is but I LOVE IT! I'm not sure where I would put it but I WANT IT...
Emilyn enjoying herself ... She loves stairs !
So I bought these photo frames & this old tennis racket all this for £10! I also bought a curtain but that's for a whole other post !
Painting them ready for Emilyns room
Ta-Da! - ready to be put up in E's room !


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