Decoupage Furniture...! Project Toy Unit. LOOK!

Is worth up to.... £2,500! Woops.

Decoupage Furniture? Do you know what it is? Have you ever seen anything like it before?
I think it's a kinda Love - Hate thing?
I personally LOVE IT.... I love it a heck of a lot more than I love the look of this sideboard...
Do you remember my post about drawers being bought with their History? We found all these Beautiful music books. They were shall I say Ancient... ancient to me.
I got my Decoupage inspiration when I kept seeing Beano Magazines covered all over chairs & drawers...I thought they looked amazing.!
Google Source.
So i got my PVA glue & started! Just like that.... I love it already. & although it's not finished yet. I ran out of Glue. Mic will be bringing me some home.

Ha- so there is a twist to this ... as Mic thought the music books could be valuable. We had agreed to frame the ones I loved the most. But me being me I thought They'll look Fab glued to the unit... Well it turns out this one ... Just here...
Is worth up to.... £2,500! Woops. 
I still love it.. & I'm not kicking myself the history that is on this unit. I'll never be able to sell it. I think Its perfect for the Babies room.

I'll be sure to keep you updated with pictures of the progress! 

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