Mission - D.I.Y TeePee in the garden

For months I've been lusting after the Cox & Cox Tee Pee but they all seem so much money for something the 'smalls' will only play with a handful of times a year? So I set my mission today as
*Mission build a Teepee! 

What I Used: 

•6 long pieces of wood 6 or 7 foot long 
• a sheet I used a king sized bed sheet & put it over the top 
• elastic bands I used to tie the top together...
• have fun!

I understand not every 'normal' household has random pieces of 7 foot long wood laying around... we actually do though. I wont get into it here.
My smalls haven't left it since I made it an hour ago ! We are also using a bit of the garden we haven't used before! The chickens roam it every now & then. 
The Teepee is perfect for keeping out of this hot sun ( I am not complaining I love the heat. ) 

Why don't you give it a try? 


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