Houdini Hugo Strikes again - Talipes Boot & Bar Buckels

well well well... It seems a lifetime ago that I blogged about Hugo's Talipes & as I started originally blogging to spread the word about Talipes.
I thought it was about time to Update you all:
Hugo is 18 months old. He learnt today Yes TODAY! - to climb out of his cot! Uh Oh ! Naps just got interesting. He is NO WAY ready for a big boy bed! Emilyn stayed in a cot till 2 years 7 months!
As well as this new news .... He's learnt UNDO his Boots! seriously? 18 months old & he's figured out how to undo the buckles on his boots...
I heard a lot of crying & some boot & bar bashing, He bashes the BnB all around the cot dents the wood... so I decided to see what the little monkey was up to... I opened the door to this.
Talipes Baby in Boots & Bar
Uh-Oh indeed.  Houdini Hugo Strikes again.... not for the first time either....It's SO HOT I've been letting him sleep in just his nappy. I think it's time to put him in his summer Gro Bag.
We had dress up in the Harding household - Hugo loved Emilyn's old Monsoon shoes. I think he looked pretty in them too!
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