In the moodd to take a trip around the City

Last Sunday we decided to take on Task 11,
We started in : Preston Park an absolutely beautiful park, The flowers were amazing. Preston Park is on the outskirts of town..

Our Destination was : The Seafront, We had to get to the sea front. Scoop & Crumb (The best Coffee/ice cream parlour ever!) I wanted our finish to be having Ice cream on the beach!
Steps : This is Me tackling Steps with the Moodd. I can lift it myself. Me being a women & not the strongest girl ever. It’s do-able. I could of picked it up with Hugo in it but as he had a tantrum to get ‘down down down’ as he says it was easier without him in it…

One handed ? : I also spent majority of the walk down to the seafront holding Emilyn’s hand, Carrying Emilyn, Carrying Hugo, or on the phone. So I had to steer the Moodd one handed. It’s fine! Great in fact, I was very happy steering one handed, even crossing the roads.
Crowds of people : it was Sunday, It was over 30 degrees & we are by the sea. it’sgoing to be busy isn’t it? YES! TheMoodd handled very well, weaving in & out of the crowds of people. It stayed cool under pressure & didn’t panic.
Feminist Protest : Well we are in Brighton after all  & I love a good Protest… The Moodd was amazing kept calm & carried on going to said destination.
Market Stalls : The Moodd was great. the wheels aren’t too big that they get in the way But they are big enough to grip to the road nicely & Hugo was high up enough to view the Bananas & Apples.
Curb appeal : HA! Sorry. The Moodd will easily pop down this curb, pop up that curb. Ooo you see that HUGE Curb… oh few no problems. Up it went.
Roadworks : Not a problem.
 Heat : Good news … The Moodd didn’t melt! The tyres didn’t melt either! Us on the other hand were HOT! REALLY HOT!
Beach Body : WE MADE IT ! We arrived at the Beach after about 2 hours or so walking…The Moodd was great on stones; If you’ve been to Brighton you’ll know you won’t find SAND! Pebbles it is. Unless you want to travel further out to West Wittering then you will find lots of lovely sand. But as we are on Brighton I’ll keep to talking about pebbles… I tipped the Quinny Moodd on its back wheels & off we went. Perfect.
Scoop & Crumb : ICE CREAM! Perfect for sitting on the beach & eating.
Stylish : The amount of Compliments I’ve had on the Moodd is incredible! If I had a pound for every Compliment I could pack in my Sweet Business… *Not that I would want to. I’ve had people stopping me in the Hospital asking “wow what is this? it looks lovely! Do Mothercare sell it?” I took it to Bocketts Farm on Emilyn’s school trip & had a lady come up to me “Oh I love your Buggy, Do you mind me asking what it is? It looks so great.” I even had a lady come up to me “This buggy really suites you. It’s great, If I had another baby I’ll so be buying one like this” we carried on to have a full conversation I explained the colour choices you can buy.
Walking home : It was hard work from the get go : Emilyn had tired herself out so sat in the Buggy. Hugo was on Daddies shoulders. Hugo then wanted to get ‘down down down’ sigh… He wanted to run off… but with the crowds of people around I jus couldn’t chance it. So we talked or should I say bribed Emilyn to get out & walk. She was doing well but kept stopping & tantrums coming & going.. it took us double the time to get back to Preston Park & that was with Daddy running ahead, getting the Car & rescuing us!
Brighton : It’s a good job I love this place, I feel so humbled to live so close to the beach. I love everything about Brighton, The bright colours, the people, The Moodd fits right in!  




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