Jet lag & babies??

Apologies I have not yet updated about our Holiday to Miami. *SHOCK* I am SO behind due to lack of sleep! Plus the fact that we have only been back home 4 days, I will do a blog about our amazing holiday... don't you worry.
so getting back to todays post : Jet lag? Have you had it?
WOW I as an adult struggle but I can handle it.
My poor babies on the other hand well its really taking its toll. they still seem to be living in Miami time zone. a WHOLE 5 hours behind us in the UK.
The flights with the little people were great the way there Emilyn chilled out watching films playing games, Hugo just sat on my lap playing with his cars. for 8 hours. the time DID drag but it wasn't half as bad as i thought it would of been.
Once we arrived in Miami the children went straight to bed it was 8pm Miami time but 1am UK time zone, 2am & they were AWAKE like FULLY awake wanting to play... sigh. Well fortunately there was a beautiful thunder storm so we all sat on the bed watching fork lightening. The rest of the holiday the babies adjusted to USA time zone really well, Usually tucked up in bed by 7ishpm, waking about 6am very similar to sleep pattern in the UK.
Family photo in Miami Zoo



Emilyn & Hugo at the Sea aquarium 

The way home we had a 9pm flight 8 hours on the plane both babies slept. Mic & I however stayed awake I did drift in & out of sleep but with Hugo on my lap was hard work.

We arrived in England about 10am (UK TIME) Exhausted wasn't the word for how we felt.
We decided to stay awake the whole day & try to sleep a normal 9pm bedtime so we thought.
However my babies had other ideas... we managed to get them to sleep around 7pm but of course that was just 2pm in Miami (Would of been their nap time) so what happened around 10pm? yep they woke up & they were AWAKE TILL 2am! Sigh.
We all slept till 11:30am the following day.... eek!

the next few days followed similar pattern; the thought of bedtime at 6pm (like usual) was totally not going to happen screaming fits from both babies did happen instead.
Once i had got them into bed & they had fallen asleep. They both keep waking up 2am, 3am, 4am... ect ...

you know when you get so tired you could cry? sleep for a week? a month? a year? This is totally how I feel. It makes me not want to take them on another long haul flight again. Well until they are teenagers & can take care of their own jet lag.

Tonight night number 4: has been better its 7:30pm & they are tucked up in bed, But my jolly it was a fight & i've lost the fight I don't want to scream & shout at them. I want my babies back that go to bed nicely.

Please tell me it gets easier? Jet lag is a KILLER when you have babies.


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