The Eye Patch has gone Happy Day!

We have GOOD NEWS for once! Yay Happy Day.
Emilyn had her eye appointment today & i'm happy to say we can say "Good Bye" to the Eye patch
I struggled to get Emilyn to ever wear it...
I mean can you blame her? I tried the whole 'lets be a pirate' rah rah rah... she just didn't like it.
She kept asking for her eye back! - Que. me trying to up it daily 10 minutes....15 minutes.... 20 minutes... & then back to 10 minutes.
She had had enough. Then one day I just couldn't find it. Seriously. Gone. She had 'lost' it ... Hidden it more like. 
But fortunately her eye has improved even without the eye patch. I honestly would of felt TERRIBLE & a huge Mummy Guilt if her eyes hadn't improved!

Emilyn still needs to wear her glasses everyday whilst she is awake. Its paramount she wears them still.
We left Hugo at home with his Auntie today as I had a busy day collecting new furniture; so Emilyn & I had a lovely 'Mummy Daughter Day' She loved it.
Hugo enjoyed a snuggle when i was back home again...

Let's keep the positivity going shall we?


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