A day to myself : No Babies.

Relaxing :)

A Day on my own? No children, No Husband (He's at work) ; & it's a Bank Holiday Monday.
Am I the most awful Mother to actually be happy to have a full day on my own, With no Major plans.?
Yes I'm missing out on a Family day out, The children have gone to the village steam fair with their Grandparents. I could of gone. But I chose to stay home & take advantage of some extremely rare 'me time' I physically can't remember the last time I had a day with no babies.? Well over a year without a doubt.
So my plans for today are :

Washed & hung out clothes.
Took a trip to Homebase *Annoyingly they hadn't got the paint I needed in stock.
Took a trip to Tesco's

Putting clothes out to dry : Boring!
None of this is sounds very relaxing is it?
Well I'm now at home relaxing with a coffee & once I've done this blog post I'm going to try & do nothing for the rest of the day....

This is going to sound bizarre but I really struggle to rest,
Since I was diagnosed with M.E back in 2003 I then went on to literally spending 3-4 years in bed day & night. It was HELL. The thought of ever going back to that scares me. So any time that I rest I get really agitated...
I've got so much to do.

  • Blog Reviews... *They will get done. 
  • Furniture that needs Upcycling
  • My own furniture I need to paint. 
  • Chairs that need to be waxed 
  • Emails that need to be sent Regarding Bear wearing boots & bar 
  • My Book work needs to be done too! 

I will try & rest. I've been living with a dull headache for the last month. *This is what happens when I over do it.
I just find being 'lazy' really BORING! - I know I need to be 'lazy' RESTING every now & again.
I also understand the next time I get treated to having a child free day will probably be next year.

So I'm going to sign off my Mac & do nothing for the rest of the day... I hope.


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