Asthma Vs Baby

Asthma 5 - Baby 1
To say we have had battles with Hugo's asthma would be an understatement. The Asthma has totally been winning.

Hugo has temperamental Asthma. After last year's bronchitis -catch up here 'Hospital Living' 'Mummy Nurse' blog posts.
Have you ever tried to give your baby an inhaler?
Well the times I had to give Hugo his inhaler he screamed the house down.
I had to give it to him every 4 hours! I dreaded Inhaler time. It was made so much worse as when he wore his boots & bar he would kick me whilst screaming.
He cried. I cried. Emilyn Cried. We all just sat there & cried.
A few months ago Hugo was kind of given the 'all clear' from the Asthma Clinic. He didn't need the preventer & we shall see how he goes.
Well he's been wheezing for a few weeks now & coughing almost barking like. So off we went back to the doctors.
Inhalers have been re-prescribed. I was dreading giving Hugo the inhaler.

But totally to my delight Hugo was amazing. He laid down & breathed it all in so well. Of course I praised him to the moon & back. He clapped, I kissed him & put him to bed, I was grinning to side to side. How proud was I?!
Then this morning whilst giving him the inhaler again... He was perfect!
Hugo having his inhaler
Hugo was so proud of himself he even let his dolly have some of his inhaler.
We've been told the chances of Hugo having Asthma in later life is quite high. He struggles badly with Eczema & I have horrendous asthma too. 


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