Is Second Hand Second Best?

My thoughts on Second Hand toys:
When Emilyn was a baby I am ashamed to say the thought of buying her something second hand for her birthday or Christmas well quite frankly I just wouldn't of done it. In my eyes I wanted the best for her... I'm going to admit now for me that's quite a silly way to think. 

I've bought my children some amazing bargains from second hand websites or charity shops I'm really enjoying being a savvy shopper. It's like I'm in competition with myself for the best deal I can get: 
For Christmas whilst shopping in Brighton I came across a fire engine metal car but for over £100 I just knew I would struggle to afford it. 
So I searched eBay & after a few weeks I won one for just £24! Gob smacked it was in beautiful barely used condition & so worth the money it's VERY well loved! 
Hugo on his bargain Fire engine
Since then when I've wanted to buy something for my little ones I've always looked on eBay first & I've always got a bargain! 
Little Tikes Truck for £18! Yes it's not in brand new condition but it will live outside & you can't argue for £18 it works fine for the children they love it! 
Bargain Pick up truck from Little Tikes
Emilyn is almost 4 & for her Birthday she begged me for a bicycle,
Emilyn on her 'new to us' Bike
Luckily I found this one for just £20 on a local selling site. 
It's in amazing condition for a used bike... We put the stabilisers on & off she went. I was so impressed as she's never been on a bicycle before, she's picked up how to pedal really well. 
I remember having my first bicycle the freedom I felt whilst riding it...
She loves her Bike

Children in my eyes don't need a lot of money spent on them & they definitely don't need brand new things. 
It's nice to treat them once in a while like on holiday they got buzz & Woody from America. They will be treasured toys. 
I love the idea of buying them lovely things but without the massive price tag attached to them. 

I recently went to one of my favourite charity shops called Fara kids in Chelsea - they had a bugaboo cameleon for sale! You can find the most amazing things in charity shops.

Bugaboo Cameleon 2 For sale in FARA Kids Charity Shop in Chelsea 

FARA kids have many High End designer kids things for sale incl - Bugaboo Cameleon

Fara Charity Shops
I love Charity shops, The things you can find in them, You're also helping a Charity so it's totally a win win in my eyes.

I'm off to hunt down some more treasures today.


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