Blogging for Money?

Blogging for Money? Don't bother starting. The Passion quite frankly just wont be there.

I'm going to say it. Now I'm sure people can make quite good money for doing Reviews/Sponsored posts. I'm not 'dissing' this as I openly admit I do Sponsored posts & get paid. I do Reviews & get to keep the products.
BUT I didn't go out to start my blog to make money. I'm not on 'adsense' I don't get money per month for people viewing my blog. I don't class my blogging as a job. Yes Blogging has perks & I have had 'jobs' out of it.
I'll openly admit IF I had started my blog primarily to make money, Honestly I would of given up months ago. My passion just wouldn't be there. I don't want to spend my days writing things other people want me to write. I'd have no loyal followers & a boring life. The upside to the sponsored posts & reviews I have done is strangely enough or perhaps not so strangely is I'd already planned to do a blog post on them. So this fitted in perfectly with the links the companies wanted me to use & it really didn't feel like work!
Take for Example : Beautiful things for my new kitchen - For John Lewis I had super super fun doing this blog & I loved putting it all together it was a bonus I got paid for it.
I love my blog, My blog is my 'baby' I blog when I want to blog, Like now. I feel passionately about this post.
I havent had any negativity from my blog but I have had : "I think I should start blogging," or "I want to review products" blah blah blah.
I work hard on my blog. I work really hard. I've built up my stats I get a healthy number of hits each month; that puts a smile on my face.
I blog to help me get things out of my system especially regarding Hugo & his Talipes. I honestly know Blogging has been a type of Therapy for me. & a heck of a lot cheaper than going to see a therapist.

This is the reason why I started my blog - This was Cast change day Hugo was a few weeks old.
I don't generally just get 'given' things to review. I work hard on a relationship with the brand. I help them & they help me. I put a lot of detail in my blogs & I engage the reader. Don't you agree?
I blog like I talk on an everyday basis.
I do however think My Blog BusyBeeMummyBex is a bit of an oddball blog... with Talipes/Upcycling/D.I.Y/House Build/interior design/CandyCart Business/ Emilyn's glasses/ hospital appointments/ travel blogs/ Reviews & Competitions all going on BUT again its my life... I really am a BusyBEE I'm a Mummy & my name is BEX - So perhaps it's perfect.
I get a Buzz out of finishing a blog, I love the feeling once a blog post goes live! I'm also Dyslexic *You've probably noticed, Blogging has helped me though, My spelling, Grammar & reading has got better.
I blog for me. I blog passionately. People seem to like my blog.
So Blogging just for money? My opinion is don't start. You wont enjoy it. Blogging isn't for everyone.


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