Camper Van Fun

It's the Summer Holidays & what better way to celebrate than some - 
Camper Van Fun 

Ok ok I know what you're thinking I've totally gone out & bought myself a Volkswagen Camper Van!!  
But you're wrong I'm afraid. 
No VW camper for us. We have what I would call  something better!

If your looking for something Retro, Stylish, Vintage & cool? 
If you want people to be envious of you ? 
If you want ABS & power steering? 
If you want seat belts all round?
If you want perfect upholstered seats? 
If you want a cooker & Fridge that work? 

Then don't go out & buy a Renault Traffic Camper... We do however have everything but all of the above. 

Our Camper may not be too easy on the eye I admit it does look a bit gawky... Very 80's but hey you get what you pay for... 
Should I tell you why I Love our camper van? 
Well : 
It's sleeps 4 comfortably we could probably sleep 6 & two dogs the roof pops up with two beds tucked away. 
It's fun it gives the whole family a giggle the children LOVE it! Emilyn loves to have a ride out in the camper. 
We can have a holiday almost anywhere. Obviously using a lay-by wouldn't be much fun the cars zooming past would shake the van too much & the lacking of toilets But you get the gist... Sometimes we take our coffee out into the drive way & pretend we are away on holiday (after all we do live in an idyllic place surrounded by fields & woods) 
It's definitely a conversation starter: 
"I'm off for a weekend away in our camper" I say. 
Person "ooo have you got a Volkswagen Camper van" 
"No we have a Renault Traffic one" I say 
Conversation Over: 
It may not be the most beautiful thing on the road but it fits into our family perfectly.

Wish us luck off to Norfolk we trundle. 


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