Cath Kidston wallpaper VS Flowers....

Is it REALLY worth spending a lot more money for Cath Kidston wallpaper?
I've had my heart set on real Cath Kidston but after seeing a look a like in Homebase yesterday it got me thinking... Just how beautiful is this - & how Cath Kidston'y is it!? you can also buy it from Direct wallpaper - Coroll Pippa Chintz Sky Blue Pink also cheaper to buy it from here at £8.99 instead of £12.99 in Homebase.
this wallpaper is just £8.99 from Direct Wallpaper.
this is much much bluer' in real life - 
                                 See i'm stuck for this wall I want pretty flowers cath kidston flowers ! 
The space I need wallpaper -

Real Cath Kidston rrp - from £20-£150 for some real cath kidston wallpaper! 

I've also found - Rose print wallpaper - for £8.50 you can't really go wrong?

Last but not least - Hoopla Pink Micro Chintz


If only I hadn't finished the children's room already I would totally be using this beautiful Cath Kidston Circus wallpaper! Shame I can't use it in my lounge!!
beautiful Cath Kidston circus wallpaper


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