Charlie Bear wearing Boots and Bar!

So a few weeks ago; if that! - I put a Tweet out asking if anyone could help make Hugo boots & bar for his teddy bear. 
I had & am still trying to get Build A Bear to respond to me to try & get them to get a Talipes Boots & Bar bear made. 
Typically I have heard nothing.
Then this lovely lady contacted me & said she would love to try & make up a pair of boots for Hugo's bear. 
I was so taken back by her generosity. 
I had 'Tweeted' her before & her Husband was also a Quinny Caster they don't live far from me so I really much meet her for a coffee as a thank you.
This lovely lady blogs here
Well the bear has made a HUGE difference I'll take you back to this blog Mummy on a mission Boots fun! & big Sisters, Puppets & bears wearing Boots & finally how heart wrenching it is to hear your baby crying Heart wrenching 'Boots Bar Off Mummy'
Last night we saw no tears. we saw no tantrums, We sat Charlie bear on the little chair & Hugo next to him - Hugo helped us put Charlie's on.

* Should I point out - I normally put Hugo's boots on individually & remove the bar.... Last night we had had  long day at a lovely Talipes meet & Hugo as you can see is co operating really well. The aim of this was just to get some nice happy photos of Hugo. But of course sometimes leaving the Boots on the bar helps as Hugo normally dislikes me putting the bar on, its the main thing he hates.  *
Whatever helps you put your child's boots & bar on. 

anyways lets get back on track should we? 

A happy Hugo wanting to 'snap' Charlie Bear.

Sorry about his mucky face - I didn't want to upset him by washing it. 

Honestly you have no idea what a difference this is. I should of totally done a blog on how our boots & bar normally goes. Hugo has been having the craziest of tantrums. You know how hard it is to change a babies nappy? times it by 10!

Happy Feet Happy Boy

Happy Boy Wearing his Boots & Bar
 Thank you so much You can also find her here.

I really hope this wasn't a one off.

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