From 2 children to 1

It's usually the other way round from 1 to 2 children but for me I'm getting a rare break from my eldest child... She's gone to stay with her Nanna & Great Gran in Norfolk for a few days. I am going up to join her tomorrow with Hugo. 
I'm missing her like crazy but guiltily enjoying some one on one time with my son. 
I recently blogged about being really fed up of the summer holidays it was getting so intense & I was living with daily head aches... So when Nanna offered to take Emilyn for a few extra days I thought that was a lovely idea, plus Emilyn loves Norfolk when I asked if she'd like to go she jumped up & got dressed packed her bag gave me a kiss & ran out the door. 
It's been great having some chill out time... Well still no 'chilling' but it's definitely not been as hectic as normal & my lounge doesn't look like a bombs hit it! 

You forget just how 'easy' one child is compared to two I'm actually able to just about enjoy a hot cup if tea! 
 Hugo hasn't had any tantrums (apart from at boots & bar time... Unfortunately a new thing he's started doing) 
He's had no one to argue with, I think he's really enjoyed playing cars & trucks on his own. 
He does keep asking & looking for Emilyn though bless him... 

We've also been treated to a lay-in Hugo woke at 7am Emilyn usually wakes him up at 5:30am! He's always tired... 
He's been helping me with the cleaning today! 

We will be reunited tomorrow I can't wait to give her the biggest cuddle ever. 


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