Heart wrenching - Boot Bar Off Mummy...

Hugo is 19 months this means we've had 17 ish months of Hugo wearing his Bootas & bar If you are new to my blog & wondering why on earth does her baby even wear boots & bar then you can catch up here - Hugo's Journey
We've had the odd day that Hugo will kick up a fuss when I say its Boots & bar time.. but in all I think we've been let off quite lightly. We have definitely had ups & downs like any baby with ... I want to say 'Special needs' but i'll actually say a baby with extra care?
For the past week Hugo has been really asserting himself when it comes down to his Boots & Bar Screaming & running away when I say it's boots time.
I've always tried to make Boots & bar time fun Emilyn & I sit down & sing songs make it funny for him. But for the last two days I've had him Pleading me to "Off boot Bar Mummy"
Can you imagine your child sitting there pleading, screaming, crying for you to take their shoes off... I've been there when Emilyn has desperately wanted her shoe off but its tied up just that little bit too tight for her to do it. Then they start crying & asking for help. You can then take their shoe off & the tears magically stop.
Well what if you couldn't help & for their own good you had to keep their shoe on? how would that make you feel?
I makes me feel AWFUL. Like the most horrible Mother ever. My Son has been crying for the last 3 hours. Sat next to me Pleading me, crying at me, asking me to take his Boots & bar off. My response... "sweetheart you've got to keep them on"
I thought this process was meant to get easier? It's like a huge kick in the teeth.
I know I'm doing the right thing. I know I'm doing the best for my Boy & his Happy Feet. But this doesn't make it sit any easier with me; having him crying & begging me to take his Bar off.
I don't expect any of you to understand how i'm feeling... Its not every day you see/hear of a Baby wearing giant boots & bar to bed every night... If I wasn't me, myself I wouldn't understand how I feel either.
Unfortunately this is how I'm feeling & this is my life. This is my son's life. I love him to pieces & wouldn't change him for the world. but times like this it doesn't make it any easier either.

My Son is 19 months old. He's sat yanking his Bar & repeatedly pleading for me to remove it.
He had the bar lengthened at his previous Physio appointment so I expect this is the main reason he is in discomfort.

It's frustrating as I had planned to blog about how much of a life saver Hugo's boots & Bar are as He has mastered the climbing out of his cot fully on his own... So nap time is a disaster But of course Bed time he is in his boots & bar so he can't escape which is a good thing as he is no where near ready for a toddler bed just yet.

With Talipes I always feel like we are making 1 step forwards & 3 steps back. That is the simplest way to describe it.


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