Hugos talipes check up - Good News

Happy Feet Can Dance
Yesterday 8th August Hugo had his 3 monthly check up: this check up was the main one I had been dreading due to him now being able to walk, at previous appointments I've always been left with "we will have to see how & if he walks" so he's walking & I think he's a pretty good walker... Well until a person commented on his 'funny feet' -'People can be so mean'blog...
I had thought his feet looked pretty good. BUT his left leg/foot does still swing out & it does still face outwards... He is hyper-mobile though so I think 'unfortunately' he may always be like this.

I barely slept the night before its the same old every three months... a week worth of panic suddenly hits you. I just laid there eyes open thinking the worse. Good old twitter helped me though. The girls on there are amazing (Thank you Twitter world)
The morning of his hospital appointment Talipes
The morning went by crazily fast as we had a hectic day consisting of driving in to Horsham to sort out Emilyn's broken glasses - she must wear her glasses all the time. Hugo had broken them two days before & so I thought we would squeeze that in to the day.
Then had to go to the post office... huh does your post office get horrendously busy? half an hour que? wow.
Then off to Guildford a 45 minute car journey it was a hot day! But Hugo's new Maxi Cosi Leather car seat kept him cool *I think he was the coolest of all of us actually!

He has no idea where we are going...
We arrived at the hospital right on time! Yay to me ... I try to lead a good time controlled life but traffic into Guildford can really mess us up on being on time.
Enjoying the waiting room...
Daddy Mic had booked the day off to come with us, It was needed really, the last time Mic came to see Hugo's physio was well over a year ago. Crazy how time fly's. As I really didn't know what to expect it was so lovely he was there.
Hugo on the other hand was a little monkey: he's usually SO good, but yesterday he decided to really assert himself & wouldn't let the poor Physio go near him. Typical.
We had to bribe him with cars... a lot of cars.
As we were the last appointment of the day, They took his shorts off & got him to walk up & down the corridor I watched the physio studying his feet closely, so closely that it was just like a bird watching its prey.
She called the other Physio over, I got Hugo to chase a few more cars. 

The verdict: 
Hugo's left leg/foot is STILL over corrected. HUH *Sad face
BUT - they are hoping it will improve now he's walking. They don't want to bring his boot in anymore as that may make the foot look sillier than it does now. 
They are happy with his walking & almost running. 
So I'm happy that they're happy.

I've still got to try & STOP Hugo sitting in this damn 'W' position - It's driving me crazy Its harder than trying to potty train a tortoise. Have you ever tried to potty train a tortoise? No? well its tough. How the heck do I stop a 1 year old to sit in the W position? Tell me you know what the 'W' position is? No? 
So new option is to get a cute table & chair for him to sit & play cars on... no more sitting on the floor. 
Basically they are saying is ... He is wearing his boots for 12 hours at night but waking up getting boots off & sitting in the 'W' position most of the day; thus then pushing his feet back to being over corrected.

As his operation seems to be off the cards for the time being i'm saying it was a 'Happy Day' & things are going into the right direction... 

Happy Boy; Happy Day!

Long day - tired the boy out.

This can't be comfy?....
New Boots!

RoBoBaby Boots - New boots & bar Bilateral  Talipes

Roll on November : *This is why my life is flying by i'm constantly on the countdown....


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