Is it September yet?

Now I don't like to wish time away. But seriously struggling with being with my two monkeys 24/7 with the only break I am getting is at night time...well when they actually decide to sleep all night that is.
Don't get me wrong I love my children I would do anything for them & wish I could sit & play games with them all day. I try my best I really do. But & i say But hastily as the world keeps spinning & the housework does need to be done. Much to my dismay... food does need to be cooked. As my children will literally turn their nose up at chips & chicken nuggets I do need to make quite elaborate dinners for them if I want them to eat Ofcourse this takes time.
I do also like to have a pee every now & then & this seems to really upset my children - I have to wait for them to toddle with me so they can sit & watch me pee.
A hot cup of coffee? Cup of tea? No way maybe one if i'm lucky.
Today has so far consisted of Hugo Following me round like a shadow... asking for 'Cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles' You remember my blog - A clingy baby? Well i'm afraid to say life is still very much like this. If not slightly worse.
It may not sound bad that my son is asking for cuddles. You're probably thinking "What a terrible mother" - Well if you are thinking this I suspect you are not a mother yourself just yet...
Hugo weighs in at over 2 stone. I have a bad back... If I the incredible Hulk i'd happily carry him around whilst I tidied up... doing the dishwasher... putting the clothes out on the line. But fact is reality I can't carry him for very long. So I try to get as much done without carrying him but this results in him chasing me around clinging hold onto my legs as had as he can..
How cute are little Timberland boots?! Have you ever had a 18 month old tread on your bare foot with one of these boots on? better still cling on to your legs & repeatedly tread on your feet? Well it hurts.
Mix all this with Emilyn constantly declaring  that "I'm HUNGRY... Mummy!" .... "I'll make you lunch in a moment Emilyn" I say
"I don't want lunch..."
So I repeat roll on September....

I've got 4 & a bit more weeks of this to go... We lead a pretty busy life & not at home a lot... You'd think it would be better when we go out? well it does it does a little bit. I like to keep them busy It drives me mad to stay home all day & is a rarity when it does happen... yesterday we caught up with old friends in Costa wow the stress of going for a coffee... Can I make a note to restaurants & coffee shops... PLEASE put straps on your highchairs ! I need to keep Hugo in one place & trying to chat & catch up whilst Hugo is climbing OUT of the highchair is no fun for ANYONE around.

Don't Judge me until you've walked 5 miles in my shoes. I'm tired. I need a break. I never get a break.


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