Lavender Plants - Upcycling

Upcycling at it's best! - I found these 'plant pots' on my Dads Fire pile! My parents have a log burner in their cottage so Dad collects wood all year round... I spotted these & thought HOW PERFECT!
Apparently they aren't plant pots they came from Ghana with bolts in... for wooden furniture. Well I think they look better as Lavender plant pots... Don't you?
What would you do with these?
You would so totally put plants in them wouldn't you?
I love them....!

Free Lavender from my Dad - What a lovely man! 

Free Compost from our garden! I did spend half an hour chopping STINGING NETTLES down though, but it's FREE & it would of taken just as long to jump in the car to the local Garden Centre.... Feels better with it being free too!
Free Fresh Compost!!

I LOVE the smell of lavender! 

Ta- Da all done!



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