Little Us Dolls - Chloe Review

Do you remember a while ago I done my first ever Competition!? Win a Little Us Doll
Our Little Us Doll Chloe comes everywhere with us....

In Emilyn's words - "Chloe is Beautiful & looks just like me do"
She's in a very pretty pink dress & lovely blonde hair.
She is the perfect little doll for any little girl...

She's part of our family & Emilyn loves her very much,

Little Us is a brand new range of brilliant enchanting dolls, each one with her own unique personality.
Which one is mostly like your daughter? - Maybe it will be Chloe, who likes Everything PINK, Or Amelia who loves animals and reading, or perhaps it will be Ruby who's just a little bit cheeky, or finally Mille, the Tomboy of the Group!
Read the Little Us stories & follow their adventures on their Facebook Fan Dolls are available to purchase from Amazon RRP £9.99

Sunbathing Chloe - Little Us Dolls

*I think Little Us Dolls should do little Boy dolls. I would totally buy one for my Son.

*Disclaimer I was sent this Little Us Doll as I done a Competition on my blog for them I Love it so much I decided to review it myself. 


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