Mummy on a Mission boots fun!

My Mission : 
Negativity will get me no where... So positivity is the way forward! 
How to make boots & bar FUN! 
1- get Hugo to put his boots & bar on his bear.
Ok so my idea was that Hugo would love his bear wearing his BnB & the praise I'd give bear would prompt Hugo to want to wear them... We did get SMILES! Whilst Bear had BnB on. 

But as soon as I took the boots off & offered Hugo to wear them he jumped up  & ran away after shaking his head profusely at me. 
This isn't going to knock my positivity if anything this makes me want to get him to like his boots & bar even more. 
After chasing him round for a while I managed to get one boot on.Typical. It may not sound like the hardest thing in the world... Have you got children? If so you must be able to understand how difficult it is at times to get your child's shoes on. I remember taking Emilyn to a supermarket without shoes on due to the tantrum she started... 
Unfortunately I can't do that... I can't just say oh well Hugo ok you don't want them on I won't make you. He's got to have them on. 
Honestly I never thought it would be this hard it's like emotionally draining. 
I have up trying to chase him round & got him in his highchair... The highchair has turned into last resort for getting Hugo to wear his boots & bar (bnb) I managed to get them on him. He had dinner but then with the highchair we are using on holiday I had to remove his bar so he could get out of it. Once the bar is off. All hell breaks lose... Hugo does not want that bar on. He's running around in just his boots. Looks like a robot... It took me 40 minutes to get his bar on & once again he wanted to sleep on me. 

I'm wrecking my brain of ideas of how to help him make BnB more fun.... 
I've got ideas. Watch this space ....


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