New Curtains *Storage Solution* D.I.Y

The bedroom : I still have so much I want to do in here - Interior wise!!
I have wanted to put curtains up here for ages for a few reasons : 
• It's a good storage solution covered up so unsightly boxes aren't on show! 
• I think it looks pretty! 
• very country cottage  

Here's the before & after:
So I cheated a little bit but it's all part of the upcycling - I scoured the charity shops & found these floral curtains they were just what I was looking for! 

My very clever sister measured them for size & hemmed them back up for me. 

I finally got around to actually putting them up today after weeks of looking at them!... it's quite high up there & I had to gear myself up to getting on a ladder & then getting up in the eaves... Luckily the floor didn't cave in & I'm still alive! But it was SCARY! 
The curtains them self cost just £7.50 much much cheaper than buying fabric

Hello foot! - 

Putting the curtains up.

One side done! 

All finished ! Hello ME! 

Storage hidden - TADA! 

I love them Like really LOVE them. 


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