Pili Carrera AW13 Collection

A fashion favourite for the Dutch Royal Family, 
The three young princesses, have recently been photographed for various events wearing head to toe in Pili Carrera. 

This winter they continue to celebrate half a century in Fashion with a magical collection. 
A story in which brocade fabrics with Lurex touches, golden pearls, touches of strass and gauzy patterns infuse the garments with magic.

Their garments take on a magical air in the Secret Garden collection, set in a bucolic, rustic enclave where fantasy takes centre stage. Loose-fitting dresses, sparkling strass and golden studs form part of a collection whose range of colour is packed with purples, burnt oranges, ochre grey and dry green. Of special note is the use of tweed with an open weave, and patterns on different bases of finishes.

What are my thoughts?
I've fallen heavily in-love with Pili Carrera.
Perfect for any little Prince or Princess

Eco Chic is the brand's line inspired by the organic world, in its colours as well as its trim and shapes. Highly structured fabrics with wool bases and houndstooth in outerwear contrast with light dresses in cashmere and Scottish prints, adding a more modern and romantic touch. There is no doubt when it comes to the colours: a range of emerald greens and dry green along with splashes of cherry.

New British is our most staid collection, where herringbone fabrics, fine wools and marbled pieces support the starring attraction: tweed. Gauzy prints with a romantic air are featured in a wide range of strawberry reds, blues and greys. Very clean  lines in garments enhanced with golden pearls featuring more daring colours accompany a lighter tweed in ranges of blue, cream and lurex thread.

The Baroque Cool collection is inspired by old mansions, with heavily ornate and adorned upholstery fabrics. Very thick embossed knits lend volume to the garments, in which wool knots, hair coats and printed cloth are of special note. Dresses featuring exaggerated volumes and pleats with embroidered tulle are combined with other more close-fitting pieces to produce a more refined line. Brocade fabrics, laminated finishes and embroidered organdie stand out in the entire collection, where the star colour is rope beige, with dashes of cream and Lurex thread.

 They don't just specialise in girls clothes, no sir & boy are the Boys collection just as Beautiful!

Each year, Pili Carrera presents two fashion collections to correspond with the autumn-winter and spring-summer campaigns as well as a baby care and nursery furniture collection. Designs which can be easily adapted to each child’s needs and which combine the most modern trends while comfortable and hard-wearing. Collections which pay great care to detail, with exclusive designs and embroideries, making every article unique.

*Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post


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