The New Maxi-Cosi Pearl Nappa Brown Leather Car Seat

Maxi cosi leather 

Exciting announcement from me :
Guess what this is? it's Yummy enough to arrive in its very own dust bag! 

Any Clues? 

The first Nappa Leather Car seat I *myself have ever seen! 
Maxi Cosi Pearl can now be bought in this beautiful Nappa Leather.
Luxurious isn't the word for this little beauty.

I've been lucky enough to be able to test this car seat for the past few days i'm so excited to tell you all about it & share all my photos with you...

Shall I tell you the lowdown on this Car Seat? 
Do you know what Nappa Leather is?
Well Maxi-Cosi leather seats are made from genuine Nappa leather famous for its softness and durability as we as its high-end appearance.
A natural full grain leather.
The same high-quality as used in premium car interiors
This leather was specially developed in Germany, Produced by Bentley and the VW-Audi Group...
You know I love cars so I wont bore you with me talking about Bentleys...
On the subject of Bentleys how good would this Car Seat look in an all tanned Leather Bentley or Audi.... *Goes off to dream land* 
By using this same Nappa Leather, Maxi-Cosi car seats not only provide a soft, comfortable feeling, but also an easy to clean seat... C'mon Mums I can see you nodding your heads... I must take Hugo's car seat cover off every 2-3 months & wash then dry it. The whole idea of a leather easy to clean car seat brings a smile to my face.

So why not indulge yourself...and your little one of-course?
Hugo LOVES his Maxi-Cosi Nappa Leather Car Seat.
We had a lovely lady called Sam come out to our home to fit our new car seat. 
It was great to have some one show me how it all works & gives me the reassurance that its all fitted properly- although you can't really go wrong with fitting the seat.. Its all pretty self explanatory.
Maxi-Cosi do recommend you get your new car seat fitted by a professional though.

The lovely Lady from Maxi- Cosi making sure  Hugo is fitted correctly in his car seat

Ok so why do I LOVE this seat? 
First I will start by saying i'm a huge Maxi-Cosi fan, I have had the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix & Pebble with the Easybase 2 I found the Clip-in bases an absolute life saver for putting baby in & out of the car - Did you know on average you'll take the car seat out of the car & back in again around 900 times! 900! Wow I am so not wanting to fuss around with the seat belt that many times. 
In my eyes i feel the family maxi-cosi base is a much safer option too. 
With the Pebble car seat & Family Isofix base it has lights to tell you if its all fitted correctly!
It all goes green when it is... 
If it isn't fitted correctly it will either beep at you or a light will go red! 
Perfect for a worrier like me. 
So impressed by the FamilyFix base

The FamilyFix has amazing Features : 
  • Long lasting value & convenience: only one base is needed for two consecutive age car seats. The Maxi-Cosi Pebble & Pearl
  • Easy IsoFox installation of the Pebble & Pearl 
  • Light & sound confirmation *As I covered already
  • Batteries included - It will let you know at 30% that you'll need to replace batteries 
  • Uses IsoFix attachment point for top safety 
  • Base offers unique positions for both Pebble & Pearl, Five Comfortable positions (From sitting to sleeping) So smooth baby wont wake up if you want to lay them down.

The Maxi-Cosi Pearl will grow with your child as the head rest easily goes up & down...

The Maxi-Cosi pearl recommends a child up to the age of 4 years old can use this car seat. My daughter is 4 next month & she fits perfectly... this gives you a rough idea how big the car seat is.

Then my son Hugo is in it he is 18 months old... He was born with Bilateral Talipes & i'm happy to say his Boots & Bar fits the car seat perfectly (he wears them 12 hours a day at night times) - My Talipes Mums will be Happy to know this information as some car seats are a big NO-NO.

Hugo in the recline position Maxi-Cosi Nappa Leather pearl
To recline the seat is easier than 1,2,3... Simply gently push the button & pull...

Hugo loves the recline position

Maxi Cosi Leather 

Happy Hugo - Maxi Cosi Leather Car Seat

Maxi Cosi Leather

Putting a child into the car seat SO simple! 
You could do it almost one handed *if you had to...

Put child in:

Put child's arms in to straps

Both arms in:

Clip straps in.

Tighten straps

Recline seat to your child's satisfaction...

Happy baby - Ready to go!

I can hear all you Mums asking "But wont baby get too hot?"
Well we went out yesterday it was 26 degrees a very hot day, A long car journey for Hugo's hospital appointment  & honestly he stayed cooler in his Leather Car seat than he does normally in his fabric one..
No sweaty hair, no wet clothes.
I think I was hotter than he was! 
I admit when I first heard about a leather car seat for a baby... it scared me. But I was so wrong it's nothing like normal leather you'd find in a normal car when you sit down with a skirt on & burn yourself. It's totally different. 
 Maxi-Cosi uses Nappa Leather this is a high quality that has the functionality of being cooler, because of open pores within the high quality leather. The pores of cheaper leather is often filled with color pigments and doesn’t ‘breathe’. Maxi-Cosi only works with high quality leather and is therefore very comfortable for your child...
Leather maxi-Cosi happy & fast asleep 
On a personal level I can totally understand a parent wanting to go out & buy a car seat to match their car, Its stylish & comfortable. Hugo's face lights up when he gets in to it. You must go to your local John Lewis store & see it yourself in the flesh, If you're like me you'll fall totally in-love with it.
I love our Maxi-Cosi Leather car seat

Maintenance : Nappa leather is less susceptible to stains and sunlight than non-nappa leather, To keep the leather in optimum condition it should be treated twice a year with leather conditioning cream... Just like my sofa ! 
Without this treatment, the leather can dry out due to temperature and moisture differences, Make sure you clean the leather with a dry/damp cloth. Never use synthetic soap. Never use a hose. *Of course you wouldn't use a hose...
When cleaning the leather use a new cloth to prevent contamination.
Come and discover yourself the new luxury  Maxi-Cosi leather car seat collection at the John Lewis Oxford Street store Saturday 10th August 11am-4pm and join child car seat experts  - Samantha Kelly &  Jan Roberts from Maxi-Cosi , who will be on hand to answer all your questions on car seat safety -  from car seat installation systems to the new child car seat legislation.
The new Leather Pebble and Pearl are available exclusively from John Lewis website and in selected John Lewis stores across the country.

*Disclaimer I have been sent this Maxi-Cosi car seat for me to Review it.


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