Trip to Tescos...Surprise trip to Peppa Pig WORLD!

Last Friday I can't believe its been over a week a go! I'm sorry I haven't caught up quicker, Life is crazily hectic I've got so much to blog about! Some very exciting upcycling posts & reviews to do ! 
Ok so our Surprise trip to PP WORLD here is the first video showing Emilyn thinking we are off to Tesco's when in-fact she has just spotted a Peppa Pig picture! Take a look here 

We had told her we had to pop to Tescos to buy sugar, cereal & milk. we live almost 2 hours away from Paultons Park *Peppa Pig world, So when we stopped for Petrol she did ask if we were going a long way to find a big tescos. she's so funny.
It was super hot but we enjoyed every bit of it, after lunch we let them cool down in the water area.
we really did have the best day ! The children behaved perfectly, & I think Emilyn loved it even more as it was a surprise ! she kept saying this is much better than buying Sugar at Tesco's! I would totally surprise her with a trip again...

Emilyn meeting Peppa pig's family at Peppa Pig world

On the car ride at Peppa Pig world.

On the boats at Peppa Pig world

On the trains at peppa pig world.

If you want to go to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park take a look here -
Emilyn is almost 4 & was JUST under the 1 metre sign so we didn't need to pay for her.


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