Wear your boots Baby: BOOK!

This is NOT the actual book : Talipes Boots & Bar book

Mission - Make Hugo Happy underway! 
OK I must refrain from getting too eeekkkk EXCITED! But I finally have sat down & written my Talipes Boots & Bar book. FINALLY. After thinking about doing it for the past year or so... I thought... Now or never kind of attitude is needed. The passion I have for this little book.
It will no doubt turn into a HUGE life line for us

I read the sketched book to Emilyn & Hugo tonight: their first time at hearing it...
They absolutely LOVED it! Plus Hugo went to sleep really well.

I totally understand this isn't going to make me millions nor do I want that. I just feel it would be a huge accomplishment to have it done. To help others dealing with the boots & bar stage especially when their children get to Hugo's age & they start saying "NO" to Boots & Bar.
Hugo loved this book It connected to him, This is exactly what I wanted. Emilyn & Hugo actually got Excited about the book. Whilst I was reading it to them they were getting involved :
The book starts with
"It was almost time for Baby to go to bed, 
But before bed, 
What does Baby need to do? "

Que. Emilyn shouting Put his Boots & Bar on with the biggest smile on her face!

“Put your boots and bar on Baby.” Said Mum
I'm in the process of getting the whole book put together. The Lovely Lauren from Pretty Star Designs is helping me.

Hopefully It wont be too much longer & you'll be able to buy a copy for yourself.

You'll also be OVER THE MOON to hear - My little Bear wearing Boots & Bar is also in progress!
I'll keep you all updated.


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