eBay Rant - OFF Topic

Totally OFF TOPIC.
But I totally need to talk eBay!

Shall I start by saying over the years I have been a huge eBay user. Mic & I used to sell a lot on eBay & 9/10 everything was great. You do however realise just how many awful horrible people there are out there.

I sold a water damaged iPhone 4 on eBay in July I said it was water damaged but it worked ok apart from a broken camera. (I had been using it fine) well a few WEEKS later I received an email saying Buyer has opened a case. Item not as described.
I thought 'brilliant' *can you hear the sarcasm in my voice? a little bit more stress to add to my already hectic life.

I apologised & said I am happy to refund I was not aware of any issues with the phone. As it was water damaged it may of been playing up. I then heard nothing. a few weeks past. EBAY had given the buyer a deadline of a week to send my iphone back for refund. The day came, but no phone was delivered. I emailed the seller saying I was happy to refund once I get the iphone.

EBay also said I need to have the phone in my hand to view it BEFORE we refund.

The buyer then out of no where 'escalates' the claim. I was SO confused to why he has done this, it was as though I had said No to a refund.

Well I was sitting in bed last night, I thought I would re check my emails & eBay have REFUNDED the buyer already & closed the case. FUMING is not the word.

I tried to 'appeal' the case.

Parcel Force turned up this morning with a package. I thought Yippee my iPhone.

Well you couldn't even make it up. The box was a BLACKBERRY box, Not even my iPhone box. and inside.... well was NOTHING.

Cheeky Bastard. Seriously. I am still shaking with anger.

after 2 hours on the phone to eBay & Paypal. Their decision is STILL with the Buyer theres NOTHING more they can do?

So its £100... gone. I know in the scheme of things it's not much. It's more the principle.

Do I bother getting the police involved?
We all know JUST how difficult it is to talk on the phone with two 'smalls' running around. They always pick that moment to start a tantrum don't they?

Angry just doesn't cut it.

Well Mr Man from Birmingham... hope you're happy. Scamming a women with two young children. Brilliant I applaud you're Scumminess why don't you go out & get a job to make money? Instead of being fraudulent on eBay!

Where's the Sellers rights?
The more people I talk to the more people I find have an eBay story to tell.
I don't know how eBay are working as a business.?

My Days selling on eBay are over.

I've wasted my whole Summer holidays with my children, over thinking your eBay claim. I'm a sensitive person I hate situations like this.

I've just wasted 2 hours of my life on the phone trying to resolve this. You obviously know just how to 'play' the system. Well I believe in karma... & Karma will come get you...


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