Hugo's escaped the cot WHILST wearing his Boots and bar

How I hear you cry.... I HAVE NO IDEA!?
But He's escaped TWICE! With no Crash, bang, or wallop!
He's only 20 months old. Emilyn stayed in a cot till almost 3years old!
Thursday evening & the children had been a nightmare. But I had managed to read to them & they settle them so they were at least in bed.

Mic arrived home & we were chatting on the sofa catching up about our days. When we heard a few noises & then... the door OPENED. But it wasn't Emilyn... Hugo's little face appeared beaming with a smile! How on earth he got out I have no idea. Well I put him back in again & he went to sleep.

The following morning... I heard Hugo crying on the monitor, as I was about to crawl out of bed myself... I then heard him crawling through the lounge. We have wooden floors throughout the house all i could hear was 'bang bang bang' then our door crept open & Hugo hurried over to us.

I still can't get my head around the fact that he's managed to use his upper body strength to get himself out of the cot.
I just never thought this would happen. Honestly i'm still in shock... I just presumed as he's in boots and bar he would stay in his cot for the near future... I totally never expected him to be in the bottom bunk bed.

But hey ho; he is tonight is the second night & so far so good. He slept the best he's slept in a long time last night.

Tonight he went down with no winging he's fast asleep. He's so excited to be in the 'bunked bed' as he calls it.

My baby is growing up. Fast.


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