My baby is four TODAY!

Emilyn the night before her birthday from Birth - almost 4 years old. 
Where has the years gone?
Today we are Celebrating Emilyn's Fourth BIRTHDAY.
Seems like only yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital.
And now she's 4!
Emilyn's presents ready & waiting. 

Emilyn from birth - 3 years old.
So I'm now officially a mummy to a 4 year old. 
That just sounds bizarre.
For Emilyn Birthday we went to LegoLand. 
She had the best day.... she keeps telling people she's going to Legoland again for her Birthday today. 

We had the best day at LegoLand Emilyn had the "bestest Birthday in the whole wide world ever!" 
Today however we are off to see her new Primary school & then off to the Ice cream parlour with both her Nanna's & our little family. 

She woke up very excited but disappointed that she hadn't grown any bigger over night c'mon she's four now ! 
It was 5:30 so we managed to get them into our bed for a half hour then show her the lounge. 

Emilyn quote "this is the bestest birthday ever I'm four I'm four!" 

Last night whilst she slept I put together a teddy bear hammock & gave her lots of new teddies she was over the moon!!! 

It's still only 6:30am so all she's opened so far is her birthday card from us (& Peppa pig)

She will absolutely love Bullseye (The horsey from ToyStory) her main present. 

Happy Birthday to Emilyn


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