My love for Photographs

Photos in my kitchen
Gone are the days of waiting weeks to fill your camera film & then wait a further 2 weeks for it to be sent back to you. You then go through them to see majority of them are photos of missed people, bad lighting, ceilings, floors, feet, you get the gist. The amount of cast offs I used to receive back was awful.
Obviously now we can only keep our 'perfect' pictures, actually I feel thats a bit of a shame. I quite like looking back at having a giggle over truly awful photos of myself.
I use Instagram a lot. It's a bit like my lifeline. I love photos but I hate clogging up my Facebook with thousands of photos... I know I know my Facebook page has got a lot of photos. Shhh...

There is just something that extra bit special about looking at real pictures. An actual photograph. You can hold it, I love them. So after moving in to our own home I needed to print new & old photos to make our house feel our home.
I wanted to get some of my Instagram photo's printed. But I was totally Unsure of the quality of the print. Well I'm happy to say I used Pixum I was super pleased to see how well they printed...
Heres a few of my favourites.

The Instagram ones came out smaller but the pixels are perfect.
It was also so nice to have some Quinny Photos printed whilst I was a Quinny Caster I took some beautiful pictures.

This photo of Hugo in Brighton is extra special - This photo has been on the Quinny page all over the world. Thousands of people 'Liked' it. I think it's extra special as there is no Quinny in the picture. Just Hugo. 

I love this as the Photo's on it are new & old ones. 

I love this one Hugo in his first pair of wellies. 


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