Nappy Kind Boutique Leggings & Leg warmers for babies *Review

Well what can I say? ADORABLE. 
I chose these three 
If you follow my blog or know me personally, You'll know by now that I love to dress them both a little different. 
Also I like to keep it practical. 
The leg warmers for example are absolutely PERFECT with his boots and bar. You hear that talipes Mummies & Daddies... 
It's hard enough getting Hugo into his pj's at night time let alone his boots and bar so the leg warmers are great. 
Boots and bar on then leg warmers can go over the boots to keep him warm in bed. this is also great for nappy change time. If you need to change nappy at night time.

Hugo styling the leg warmers in the morning... looking good! 

Then the leggings. Hugo had a hospital appointment & he had SO MANY compliments from the nurses & doctors about how funky he was dressed.

They are lovely & soft with SO many different designs. Great for newborns or Baby's on the go. 

I absolutely LOVE Nappy Kind Boutique. Great customer service & fast delivery. Also fabulous prices.
Take a look at the website here 
I'll be sure to be a regular customer. 


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