Pretty but inexpensive wrapping Paper

It's Emilyn's Birthday coming up. How expensive is Birthday Wrapping paper?! You could easily spend £20 odd on wrapping paper alone... I really could. especially when having to wrap up big boxes for the children.
For example this cute not on the high street wrapping paper this is £2 set but the wrapping paper is just 70cm by 50cm... enough to wrap a small box? can't beat how beautiful it is though.
Not on the high street
Last Christmas after being shall I say a little addicted to Pinterest I found the most darling ideas on how to achieve pretty but inexpensive wrapping paper. How many presents do you end up wrapping at christmas I'm sure you could spend a lot of money. I know you can buy cheap wrapping paper but it just end up ripping... tell me it doesn't just happen to me?
Well I know brown paper looks boring when its on its own but honestly you can do some Beautiful things to it.
This was a few of my christmas presents from last year.
Brown paper wrapping
So for Emilyn's Birthday wrapping paper I have bought brown paper & little cardboard hearts.
Heart tags 

Here is some inspiration : 


Courtesy of pinterest

Courtesy of Pinterest
I think the pretty bunting one could be the winner for Emilyn's wrapping.
Courtesy of

This is a birthday card I made in 5 minutes at the weekend it would look super cute on the brown paper.

I am SO excited now.

Look how beautiful they look. Yet cheap & so simple.


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